Much of our success at Pro Dog Training is due to our extensive industry experience in animal training/behaviour and our highly skilled expert team. Our high-level expertise has led us to become one of the most successful dog training companies in Australia.

Our trainer shadow program is onsite at our Pro Dog facilities. The program can be tailored to suit your individual needs. All our programs have a strong focus on training/behaviour modification, animal handling and coaching skills, with the ability to target your key areas of interest.

We also run a trainer mentor program for those that can’t make it to our locations. This program is ideal for sole traders that would like to have ongoing phone/online support from our team. You will be paired with one of our senior team members. We can assist with lesson planning, troubleshooting difficult cases and all things that are involved in your program delivery.


  • Onsite at Pro Dog Training

  • 5 day intensive program (Tues – Sat)

  • Tailor the program to suit your needs
  • A focus on practical handling/training

  • Price: $1,950


  • Remote program

  • 3 & 6 month program options

  • Suitable for local, interstate & overseas trainers
  • Ongoing support for new & experienced trainers

  • Price range: $1,800 – $3,000


“The 5 day trainer shadow program was excellent. Having recently finished the NDTF course, I found this week really helped bridge gaps in my learning and set up a clear direction for how to move forward in this industry. The training team were great to watch during the classes and consults, and the 1 on 1 training I received really helped improve my handling skills. I would highly recommend the trainer shadow program.“

Stephanie Tait

“It was exciting doing the shadow program through Pro Dog Training. I’m grateful to of had the opportunity to work with other trainers, learning new techniques and putting what I’ve learnt into practice. I would recommend this program to any trainer wanting to expand their knowledge.

Jaimie (Crafty Canines)

“I completed the 5 day Prodog shadowing program and found it highly beneficial to building my knowledge, and had lots of fun doing in. Michele was fantastic at tailoring the program to work with my schedule and incorporate all the areas I wanted to learn more about. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone looking to gain more knowledge in dog training or wanting to build more skills in any particular area.”

Claire Ambler

“This course fuelled my passion. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and are open to answering endless questions. I was made to feel very welcome with both the trainers and clients. I am now very sure of the path that I will be taking.”

Tamryn McCourt