Training a reliable recall requires a high level of commitment to the process and the right equipment so you can easily reinforce strong responses.

This kit will get you started.

  • Pro Dog Long line to ensure you can always control the scenario and practice without risking constant failures. We recommend that all dogs run with an open ended (no handle so they don’t get caught on anything) long line attached to your dog, until you can guarantee your dog will recall under distraction.
  • Black Dog Treat pouch: A MUST have. The Black Dog treat pouch is one of our favourites. We’ve been reliably using them since the company started.
  • 2x Liker Balls: Come in two size options. 7cm for small to mid sized dogs and the 9cm for larger dogs. The foam material will quickly become your dog’s favourite and a great means to reward a solid recall response.

Liker ball sizes:

  1. 7cm for smaller to mid sized dogs
  2. 9cm for larger dogs.