An awesome training device for highly effective reward delivery.

Two encased magnets are strong enough to create a mount point on the handler’s body for the reward ball equipped with a magnet. After preparation you can begin training and just reach up and grab the ball to present a quick reward without the delay or hassle of having to pull it out of your pocket! The ability to instantly present the reward ensures perfect timing when marking good behaviour.

Many people struggle combining a busy life with providing their dog with sufficient physical and mental stimulation. As a result dogs get bored and become destructive.

  • The LIKER ball is the safe alternative to a tennis ball! It can be locked in a ball thrower!
  • The LIKER is light weight and manoeuvrable. It is easy to throw. When you throw the ball its unique shape may slightly change the flight path, adding excitement to the game. It won’t break windows or knock down objects, in contrast to the heavy tennis ball.
  • Floating. Games on the water now become interesting. LIKER does not sink and it sits almost entirely above the water surface.
  • The LIKER is very difficult to lose. It will not sink into the snow or water and will be seen in the grass. The orange is easy to see for us, even on the most overcast day.

This version of the LIKER ball comes with a high quality magnet attached to the cord with a separate magnet for your training vest, enabling you to have both hands free while the ball is attached to your chest when training your dog. This improves the dogs heel work and focus during IGP and Protection training.

Non-toxic & Non-allergic, this quality, highly visible training ball not only floats but is ideal for the development of obedience within puppy, agility, freestyle or IGP training environments.

SIZE: 7cm