PLEASE NOTE:  The foam material used for this product is soft and designed for your dogs to easily grip – developing grip strength and a love for the game. Similar to our Liker ball range. It is normal for this material to puncture during use. These are not ideal for high drive working dogs. Do not leave your dog with this toy unattended or let your dog chew on the frisbee during use.

The first double-sided flying disk for dogs and their owners! Due to the optimal size, unique shape and material, it is excellent for playing with dogs of different breeds and sizes. Even dogs that have not previously showed interest in playing with flying disks, can not resist Flyber.

  • Soft, durable and easy to grip.
  • Due to the special shape the dog can easily pick up the Flyber from the ground.
  • Flyber floats on the water surface. Well seen from a shore.