Covid Vaccination Requirements: Full covid 19 vaccination may be required to attend classes, based on any future legislation or public health orders.

Xmas Break: We are closed from Dec 24th and reopen on Jan 4th. Classes will be paused through this break, recommencing from Jan 4th.

High Drive Breed Program Description

Developed for high energy bully breeds or high drive dogs. This course has a strong focus on handling skills, real life obedience and drive fulfilment. Create a training program for your dog that will develop your dog, not one that is just focussed on stopping unwanted behaviour.

All of our programs at Pro Dog have a strong focus on building meaningful relationships between the handler and dog.  Much of this is created through structured play activities, the development of highly valued reward systems and engagement exercises; with the the ultimate goal of creating a dog that chooses you over the environment or other dogs.  A solid off-lead recall is the by-product of these factors.

  • 6 week course.
  • 45 minute classes.
  • A great introductory class for those wishing to join GRC dog sports.
  • Tuesday & Sunday class options pending availability.