High Drive Breed Program Description

Developed for high energy bully breeds or high drive dogs. This course has a strong focus on handling skills, real life obedience and drive fulfilment. Create a training program for your dog that will develop your dog, not one that is just focussed on stopping unwanted behaviour.

All of our programs at Pro Dog have a strong focus on building meaningful relationships between the handler and dog.  Much of this is created through structured play activities, the development of highly valued reward systems and engagement exercises; with the the ultimate goal of creating a dog that chooses you over the environment or other dogs.  A solid off-lead recall is the by-product of these factors.

  • 6 week course.
  • 45 minute classes.
  • A great introductory class for those wishing to join GRC dog sports.
  • Tuesday & Sunday class options pending availability.

Important: There are no make-up sessions for missed classes.  All of our classes have staggered start dates and run at capacity; which doesn’t allow for make-up sessions. Please be sure you or a family member can attend each session.  There is no refund for missed sessions.