Leather/Brass Dog Collar

The Tomahawk is nothing short of a beast; it’s like no other collar you have had before.

It’s a great every day collar option, that won’t fail when you need it most.  The 1.25 inch thick collar reduces any strain on the dog’s neck; sitting low on the muscular section of the neck, but still gives you directional control of the dog which you don’t have with a harness.

  • Australian Made: Hand crafted
  • 2 layers of first grade, full grain, vegetable tanned leather (premium hard wearing leather)
  • Stitched and riveted for extra strength.
  • Brass hardware
  • Large D ring attachment.
  • The buckle is positioned to sit on the side of the dog’s neck to avoid direct pressure on the oesophagus when there’s back pressure on the lead.
  • The width of this version is 1.25 inches.
  • Brown leather.


Width:  1.25 inch (we have a 1.5 inch Baby-Bone option as well).

Length:  The measurements below are from the base of the buckle to the middle hole.  Each collar has 3 holes either side of the middle hole for adjustments.  Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck and choose the sizing that is closest below.

  • Short 35cm (range = 28cm – 42cm)
  • Medium 43cm (range = 35cm – 50cm)