Training a reliable recall requires a high level of commitment to the process and the right equipment so you can easily reinforce strong responses.

This kit will get you started.

  • Beefy Supergrip 5m Long line: Ensure you can always control the scenario and practice without risking constant failures. We recommend that all dogs run with an open ended (no handle so they don’t get caught on anything) long line attached to your dog, until you can guarantee your dog will recall under distraction. Beefy long lines have a brass clip.
  • EzyDog SnakPak: The EzyDog SnakPak is the perfect treat bag for training and rewarding your dog. Connect the treat pouch around the waist with the strap or remove the strap and attach to your belt with the rear twin hooks. To make rewarding your dog as simple as possible, we use a magnetic open/close system and the lining of the pouch can be pulled up to wipe clean. Lastly, these dog treat pouches are fitted with waterproof zips and an accessory pocket at the front.
  • 2x Beefy Balls 7cm: This higher density foam lasts longer than much of the competition, but it is still extremely light and it floats. Our balls have been rigorously tested and stand up to the task. The marine rope is ideal around the water, very durable, while still being comfortable to hold.