Dogs are smart – and smart dogs get bored really easily. That’s why renowned dog trainer, Nina Ottosson, has created a series of colourful puzzle feeders designed to keep even the brightest doggos entertained.

Meet the a-maze-ing Treat Maze Puzzle Feeder! Fill it with your dog’s favourite treats or dry food. It dispenses treats from the holes on each side – but your dog will need to bat the Treat Maze around with their nose or paw to get the treats out!

  • Designed by Swedish dog trainer, Nina Ottosson
  • Made from eco-friendly material that’s free from BPAs, PVC and phthalates
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds
  • Use a Puzzle Feeder to supplement your dog’s diet, not as their only source of food
  • Puzzle feeders keep your dog calm and occupied, reducing behavioural issues caused by anxiety and boredom
  • At first, supervise your dog as they use their Nina Ottosson Puzzle Feeder, guiding and encouraging them so they can understand how it works
  • Easy to keep clean – just wash your dog’s Nina Ottosson Puzzle Feeder in your sink with warm, soapy water after use

Skill Level: Level 2 – Intermediate
Diameter: 18cm