Address: 2 Tottenham Parade, West Footscray (Pro Dog Training Academy)

Note: When selecting a course start date you are committing to the same day/time each week.

Level 1 Obedience Course Description

We include all of the basics (sit, drop, loose lead walking and recall) and pair these with loads of fun activities tailored to reinforce your dog’s skills and progress, making the learning process enjoyable for both handler and dog.  Our obedience classes are 45 minutes each. Our group sizes are limited to 7 dogs, ensuring you get a good deal or personalised attention throughout the course.

All of our programs at Pro Dog have a strong focus on building meaningful relationships between the handler and dog.  Much of this is created through structured play activities, the development of highly valued reward systems and engagement exercises; with the the ultimate goal of creating a dog that chooses you over the environment or other dogs.  A solid off-lead recall is the by-product of these factors.

Important: There are no make-up sessions for missed classes.  All of our classes have staggered start dates and run at capacity; which doesn’t allow for make-up sessions. Please be sure you or a family member can attend each session.  There is no refund for missed sessions.