• Double handled tug
  • Strong French linen material and stitching
  • Soft inside
  • Colour – blue | Orange

French linen material is the trainers/dog sport enthusiast’s choice to develop grip. It’s soft on the dog’s mouth and is easy to grip, which ultimately creates loads of fun/satisfaction in the game for the dog. Compare this to a firehose/hard toy where the dog slips off easily. We relate this to playing basketball with a ball covered in vaseline, which would be frustrating and ultimately not enjoyable. There is a time and place for those materials, they are just not our choice for building play/value in the handler.

When used for the intended purpose(tug play) French linen will wear considerably well. All soft materials however do have a shelf life and you can expect to need new tugs now and then. Under no circumstances should a dog be allowed to take the tug away and start chewing on it with their carnassials(back molars). The carnassial teeth are capable of chewing through bone. They will make light work of nearly all tug toys.

Made in Germany