About Us

David has over 20 years experience working in the animal industry, specialising in training and the behavioural management of a wide range of exotic and domestic animals

  • NDTF Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training
  • Certified Dog Training Instructor
  • Certificate III in Captive Animals
  • Diploma of Business Management

  • David worked at Melbourne Zoo for 17 years, moving between different areas and species before becoming precinct manager on the Trail of the Elephants. The elephant precinct was linked to both the marine mammal (seal) and orangutan areas for a number of years. David and his team built on the existing training programs for these species, with a focus on training for medical procedures, husbandry requirements, public presentations and enrichment activities. These training programs became the benchmark for zoo animal training across the region. David's career highlight is the elephant breeding program, that quickly became world's best practice as a result of the high standard of care and training/behavioural management provided by the staff. David's skill-set was also utilised across various zoo animal departments, providing assistance and coaching to staff developing their own training programs.

    Over the past five years David has gradually shifted his focus from training zoo animals to the training and behavioural management of domestic dogs.

    David brings his impressive background and extensive knowledge of animal behaviour and training to his dog-training career. He holds a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training as well as his Certificate III in Captive Animal Management. David has extensive experience training Beginner to Advanced level obedience classes, providing in-home, one on one sessions with owners focussed on specific behavioural problems or desirable behaviours. David is a dog trainer with a passion for solution focussed dog training and the reinforcement of the special relationship between dog and owner. Pro Dog is the culmination and combination of David’s passion for animals, his animal training abilities and his skills as an animal behaviour specialist. His professional approach to animal management and his animal behavioural knowledge make Pro Dog the best option for the behavioural management of your dog.